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Ever wonder how two authors can take an idea and bring it to life with their own style and creativity? What about FIVE authors?!

Well, the Lie or Die Event is your chance to see it in action, only better… they may use YOUR idea!

How it works:

STEP #1: Between Sept 29th and Oct 8th, you’ll have the opportunity to enter your flash fiction idea at participating blog sites. Your entry will consist of answering three easy questions to help formulate the story.

STEP #2: on Oct 9th, the 5 “judges”  will pick one entrant’s idea as THE idea that all five authors will take and spin into their own short tale, independent of each other. The entrant will also win their choice of 1 print book from the authors (open to International) and two entries into the grand prize!

STEP #3: On Oct 19th,  each blog will host one of the versions of the story idea. Readers will have 5 days to vote on their favorite one. Casting their vote will also enter them into a grand prize draw! (open to U.S. entrants only)

STEP #4: On Oct 24th, the grand prize winner and winning author will be announced.  The author wins bragging rights. The grand prize winner wins autographed print copies of:
Anathema  -K.A.Tucker
The Soulkeepers and Weaving Destiny  - G.P. Ching
Six Moon Summer  - SM Reine
Meant to Be and Forgotten Souls - Tiffany King
Released, Savor - Megan Duncan

Meet the "Judges"

You'll need to WOW these fabulous bloggers with your creativy so they'll choose YOUR story idea! 

Meet the 5 Authors!

These 5 authors will spin the winning idea into an 800 word flash fiction tale like none other! 


Megan Duncan
Tiffany King
SM Reine


Stay tuned for more details & entry forms...
coming soon!

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