Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet Light

Beautiful cover for a beautiful book with a bargain price of $2.99!!!

Sweet Light Goodreads Description: When fate conspires against you and gives you three loves to choose from, what do you do? What if you make the wrong choice? Shara is a Healer, raised and trained from childhood until her unique gift manifests itself. When she gains the rank Journeyman she is hired to serve as the court healer for the barbaric kingdom of Glendor. Untrained for war, she is thrust unmercifully into its bloody arms when the kingdom is invaded. Ordered by her king to the front lines to tend the wounded, she is forced to flee when their camp is attacked. Happening upon a wounded soldier in the forest, every mile back to the capital is a struggle, and breaking the Healer's code, she falls in love with her charge. If Shara thought that to be the least of her troubles, the appearance of a fierce warrior captain who appoints himself her protector, teaches her differently. Trouble comes in threes at the appearance of a former love and fellow healer. Faced with decisions of the heart and the sudden manifestation of her gift, there is little room for anything else to go wrong. Or at least that's what Shara thought.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my book Tiffany!

    Happy reading everyone!
    ~sunbeams and rainbows~

  2. I love this book. The cover is perfect for the story inside and the author, Jennifer Wylie, does a terrific job of weaving a world with her words.

  3. Angela, I've heard fabulous things about it from my daughter. It's at the top of my TBR pile!!! I've read Jen's short stories and loved them all!!

  4. Thanks for all the book recommendations! I read 1-2 books a day so am ALWAYS looking for something new (especially in YA) to read, particularly at a good price! Found my way to your blog while stalking Addison Moore's twitter WAITING for a word on Wicked and I'm sure I'll be back!

    Two more quickies: 1) I was SUPER mad at you for ending Forgotten souls the way it ended ;) 2) Have you been to Wizarding World of HP in Orlando yet? I wanted to live there!

  5. Oooo!! Love the book cover! Pretty!