Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 2 of Turning the Tables on Book Bloggers

Today I forced Mindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads to answer my zany questions.
I hope you like her answers as much as I did :o)

1) You’re a kickass paranormal hunter. What would you like to hunt the most:

A) A vampire
B) A werewolf
C) A zombie
D) Your Mother-in-Law (hehehe)

I’ll admit that at this very moment, my mother-in-law is a VERY tempting choice!  BUT, I’d have to say zombies would be fun to hunt!  Have you watched the show Death Valley?  I wish I could live there and help those cops kill zombies!  That show cracks me up.

2) Would you rather find true love or have the ability to save the world?

I’d TOTALLY want to save the world!  Yeah, yeah…I’ve already found true love, but true love comes with work, emotional drama and complications.  If I saved the world, I could actually say, “I’ve saved the world!”

But this TOTALLY contradicts my feelings every time I read a book.  In all the books I’ve ever read…including the most recent Iron Fey series, I’m ALWAYS rooting for the heroine to choose the guy over saving the whole world. LoL!  But, I’d choose saving the world over the guy!  If you ask me in a month, I just might change my opinion.

3) What grosses you out more:

A) Chopping off a zombies head.
B) Putting a stake in a vampire (gory like Lost Boys when they die).
C) Being kissed by a werewolf while he's a wolf.
D) Changing a babies diaper

I literally gagged when I thought about kissing a wolf…I can still taste the bile left in my mouth!  I don’t care if the thing is a werewolf and I’m in love with him/it!  He has to be human if he wants any kissing from me!!!  Chopping off a zombie’s head or staking a vamp would be pretty SWEET!  I did help a friend pack meat in their butcher shop when I was growing up…so I can handle blood and guts.  AND…I’ve changed more diapers than I can count.

4) What show are you more likely to watch:

A) The Xfactor
B) The Walking Dead
C) iCarly
D) Nightly News

iCarly BABY!!!  I have a feeling that if I started watching The Walking Dead it would be the show I would most likely watch, but I have stayed away from it because I DO NOT need another obligation in my life!  But I love me some iCarly!  I think I get more excited than my sons do when there’s a new episode!!!  And I sit excitedly on the couch wishing I had popcorn!

5) Vampire movie/show you would love to spend a night in if it were real.

A) The Lost Boys
B) Trueblood
C) Twilight
D) Interview with a Vampire

Hate to say it because I am REALLY getting sick of all these TwiHard fans, but I would have to choose Twilight.  I don’t have any superpowers to survive in any of those other movie/shows.  I’d TOTALLY pick Trueblood if Eric would protect me and keep Bill as far away from me as possible!

6) Place you would love to visit so you could write a book about it?

7) Your idea of a fun night:

A) Visiting a haunted house.
B) Seeing a foreign film.
C) Going skating with a bunch of kids.
D) Staying at home watching movies.

This one is totally easy…I’d pick staying at home watching movies.  Visiting a haunted house sounds pretty good too!

8) Spooky location you would love to spend a night at?

Spend the night in a spooky location?  Heck NO!  I watch those paranormal investigator shows and I prefer to stay away from anything TRULY paranormal!  I’m OK with watching it on TV or reading about it in a book!


  1. Wow! Great answers!!! There's an old saying that might apply to your first answer, "Happiness Is Seeing Your Mother-In-Law’s Face On The Back Of A Milk Carton!" LOL!

  2. LOL that's flip'n hilarious!!! Milk carton hehehehe :)

  3. ROTFLMAO!!!! That would be a tempting sight to see.

  4. I loved your answers, Mindy! I'm cracking up that some of our answers are so similiar. LOL :)

  5. Um, yeah. No way would I kiss a werewolf in wolf form. Seriously UGH! This is an AWESOME interview! SO much fun! I know I'm WAY late to see it, but better late than not at all!