Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 4 of Bloggers have the Best Answers :o)

Okay so I skipped a day in my Bloggers Rock Week, so I could wait in line for hours to see Breaking Dawn. Yes, the truth is out I'm a Twihard, and no as of yet, I will not be seeking help for my condition :o) Anyhooooooo, today I have the fantastic Andrea from The Bookish Babes answering my crazy questions ;)

1) You’re a kickass paranormal hunter. What would you like to hunt the most:

A) A vampire
B) A werewolf
C) A zombie
D) Your Mother-in-Law (hehehe)

10 years ago, I would have said mother-in-law, no hesitation. We’re cool now, so I’m going with zombies. No, can’t say zombies, they make me gag when I look at them and that limits my ability to slay them.  I’ll go with werewolf, they probably smell bad.

 2) Would you rather find true love or have the ability to save the world?

I’m a lover not a fighter, plus I’m sorta lazy. So I would rather have true love. We’ll cheer on the world-savers from our couch.

3) What grosses you out more:

A) Chopping off a zombies head.
B) Putting a stake in a vampire (gory like Lost Boys when they die).
C) Being kissed by a werewolf while he's a wolf.
D) Changing a babies diaper

I have been assaulted in every way possible by explosive diarrhea. Seriously, it was water hose style diarrhea, in the face, hair, eyes, mouth. And even that doesn’t gross me out as much as watching an episode of The Walking Dead.

4) What show are you more likely to watch:

A) The Xfactor
B) The Walking Dead
C) iCarly
D) Nightly News

That’s easy, The Walking Dead. Even though zombies majorly gross me out, I’m working my way through every episode. Plus I have the hots for Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes. I love a man w/authority. Btw, did you know he was in Love, Actually as Mark? I’ve been lusting after him for a long time now.

5) Vampire movie/show you would love to spend a night in if it were real.

A) The Lost Boys
B) Trueblood
C) Twilight
D) Interview with a Vampire

Twilight. I am an unashamed fan of the series/movies. I’d like to “hunt” with Edward, plus they’re pretty docile. I love True Blood, but it scares me. I’m still scared of The Lost Boys and Interview w/the Vampire did not impress me.

6) Place you would love to visit so you could write a book about it?

This is the tough one for me. I want to go to Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Greece. That’s about as much as I can narrow it down.

7) Your idea of a fun night:

A) Visiting a haunted house.
B) Seeing a foreign film.
C) Going skating with a bunch of kids.
D) Staying at home watching movies.

Um, none of the above. I do option D a, lot. Well, I guess I could handle Option B as long as it’s Spanish.

8) Spooky location you would love to spend a night at?

A haunted mansion, or castle. But I feel sorry for the person spending the night with me. I hate getting scared.

Okay that's what I came up with. I tried to tie them all together with a paranormal angle.

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  1. I've had my ups and many many downs with my mother-in law too. I'm cracking up how you said you will cheer on the world-savers from your couch! Hahahaha.
    As soon as I read diarrhea...I had MAJOR flashbacks. LoL One of my first days home with my literally sprayed at me like a garden hose!...Sorry if I gave you a mental picture because it was not at all pretty!
    My mom was staying with me to help out an I'm always very careful to not say cuss words around her but I shouted..."HE SH*T ALL OVER ME!!!"