Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 5 of Book Bloggers Have the Best Answers :o)

Today I have the ever fabulous Patricia from Two Chicks on Books answering my questions. Her answers cracked me up and I hope you like them too :o)

1) You’re a kickass paranormal hunter. What would you like to hunt the most:

A) A vampire
B) A werewolf
C) A zombie
D) Your Mother-in-Law (hehehe)

ooh, my MiL is an option?! Yay, I mean...uh...I guess a zombie. Wait, I am still talking about my MiL, I guess I am!

2) Would you rather find true love or have the ability to save the world?

True love! Of course now I'm going to sound all cheesy but that we you can face the world together. LOL!

3) What grosses you out more:

A) Chopping off a zombies head.
B) Putting a stake in a vampire (gory like Lost Boys when they die).
C) Being kissed by a werewolf while he's a wolf.
D) Changing a babies diaper

I'm thinking that I would not be able to kiss a werewolf as a wolf. BLAH! It would just be like kissing my dog and ewww, NO THANK YOU! Plus talk about dog breath. *shudders just thinking about it*

4) What show are you more likely to watch:

A) The Xfactor
B) The Walking Dead
C) iCarly
D) Nightly News

Definitely The Walking Dead would be my choice but unfortunately at my house the kiddos take over the T.V. so I'm sure if you were to walk in it'd be tuned to iCarly *whispers* I kinda like that show, too ;)

5) Vampire movie/show you would love to spend a night in if it were real.

A) The Lost Boys
B) Trueblood
C) Twilight
D) Interview with a Vampire

True Blood, but only if I got *clears throat* Eric to myself.

6) Place you would love to visit so you could write a book about it?

Hmm, this is a toughie as I don't at all consider myself a writer but I would love to travel the world. I would start in Greece then perhaps go to London and off to Australia. Oooh, but maybe it would even cooler to visit a place in a book. I would love to go a Feary type world, scary yet exciting.

7) Your idea of a fun night:

A) Visiting a haunted house.
B) Seeing a foreign film.
C) Going skating with a bunch of kids.
D) Staying at home watching movies.

I'm actually a homebody so I would go for watching a good movie at home. :)

8) Spooky location you would love to spend a night at?

I am a total wimp so I don't think I want to, let alone love to spend the night at any spooky location. Although I make an exception in Tir Na Nog if Ash was there to protect me. ;P


  1. I love ALL of your answers! Your first one had me cracking up...BIG TIME! You are right...we do have similar answers. I can't believe so many people picked changing babies diapers over making out with a wolf! I'm glad you agree with me there! Because it just makes my stomach sick to think about it!

  2. Thanks, Mindy!I couldn't believe the diaper answer either, I found it totally hilarious. I can totes handle dirty diapers, but hot, stinky wolf breath? No way. At least with the diapers you can change 'em and they'll be all clean but you can't change that wolf breath. *bleh*

  3. I don't even think bleaching my mouth could clear the taste! Ugh!