Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 6 of Bloggers have the Best Answers!!

So, today is the final day of my Book Bloggers have the Best Answers segment. I am sad to see it end. I have had lots of fun reading all the funny answers they have come up with. Today the terrific Dayna joins us from Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers.

1) You’re a kickass paranormal hunter. What would you like to hunt the most:

A) A vampire
B) A werewolf
C) A zombie
D) Your Mother-in-Law (hehehe)

Answer: C) *shudders* A zombie. Definitely a zombie.

2) Would you rather find true love or have the ability to save the world?

Answer: True love!! I’d be really lonely and unhappy otherwise. That’s sounds really selfish doesn’t it? Ooops, sorry world.

3) What grosses you out more:

A) Chopping off a zombies head.
B) Putting a stake in a vampire (gory like Lost Boys when they die).
C) Being kissed by a werewolf while he's a wolf.
D) Changing a babies diaper

Answer: C) Ewwwww it’d have to be being kissed by a werewolf whilst he’s a wolf. I don’t like werewolves unless they go by the names of Oz or Seth. Lol!

4) What show are you more likely to watch:

A) The Xfactor
B) The Walking Dead
C) iCarly
D) Nightly News

Answer: A) The Xfactor. I like me a little lighthearted entertainment that I can bop away and badly sing to. No WAY would I watch The Walking Dead. Ick! Ick! Ick!

5) Vampire movie/show you would love to spend a night in if it were real.

A) The Lost Boys
B) Trueblood
C) Twilight
D) Interview with a Vampire

Answer: Oh! Ohhhh! This is so hard!!! *makes nonsensical whiny noises* Ummm I guess …. I would have to go with …. B) Trueblood. I’m really sorry Twilight but the abundance of southern accents won me over. Plus, ya know, Bill and Eric *sigh*

6) Place you would love to visit so you could write a book about it?

Answer: I would like to visit Romania and learn more about the Romany Gypsies.

7) Your idea of a fun night:

A) Visiting a haunted house.
B) Seeing a foreign film.
C) Going skating with a bunch of kids.
D) Staying at home watching movies.

Answer: A) Visiting a haunted house. Ahhh that would be so cool! I’d probably run with arms flailing like a lunatic though if any ghosts appeared ha ha ha!

8) Spooky location you would love to spend a night at?

Answer: It would either be Whitby Castle (hellooo Dracula!) or The Old Hall which is in my home town and is supposedly haunted.

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