Thursday, November 3, 2011

Death Hand Tour!!!!

I was lucky enough to be picked to be a part of the Death Hand Tour by SM Reine. Sooooooo, being the huge dork I am, I felt the best interview would be one filled with kooky spooky questions. I will be giving away 2 random Kindle copies to peeps that dare to leave a comment on this mayhem blog ;)

                                             The Star SM Reine!!!

1) Your a kickass paranormal hunter. What would you like to hunt the most:

A) A vampire
B) A werewolf
C) A zombie
D) Your Mother-in-Law (hehehe)

I would want to kick zombie butt most of all. Vampires and werewolves are awesome, intelligent creatures (monsters?), but zombies are nothing but a mindless horde! Plus, I bet going to town on a crowd of shambling corpses with a shotgun is extremely cathartic. I could use the stress relief after long days at work!

2) Would you rather find true love or have the ability to save the world?

Shucks. It sounds cheesy, but I've already found true love with my husband. So... let me save the world! Who wouldn't want to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I'm not quite as spunky, and I'm usually not blond, but she saved the world from oodles of apocalypses, and she did it with sass and pizzazz. She's my hero!

3) What grosses you out more:

A) Chopping off a zombies head.
B) Putting a stake in a vampire (gory like Lost Boys when they die).
C) Being kissed by a werewolf while he's a wolf.
D) Changing a baby's diaper.

The only one that made me say "ewww!" is being kissed by a werewolf! Decapitating zombies and staking vampires is nothing in comparison to some of my son's poopy blowouts. I can seriously handle just about any level of ick after confronting mustardy diarrhea from a newborn! But having my dog try to give me thorough face-kisses in the past, I can say THAT is a whole special level of gross. I bet werewolves try to get at the kitty litter treats in the cat box, too! 

4) What show are you more likely to watch:

A) The Xfactor
B) The Walking Dead
C) iCarly
D) Nightly News

Eep! I don't watch much TV at all! I guess I'd be most likely to watch The Walking Dead, but I haven't even seen it. (Don't blame me! I'm so busy!) I do, however, watch and adore The Vampire Diaries. It's the only show that I will rearrange my schedule to watch. I'm Team Alaric!

5) Vampire movie/show you would love to spend a night in if it were real.

A) The Lost Boys
B) Trueblood
C) Twilight
D) Interview with a Vampire

My favorite of those is Interview with a Vampire, but even though those vampires are gorgeous, they're kind of scary! I saw what they did to Claudia! ;) So I would rather spend a night in the Twilight universe, since the vampires don't even have fangs and I'm not all that intimidated by sparkling. I like to survive, thanks!

6) Place you would love to visit so you could write a book about it?

I really, REALLY want to visit the Mediterranean. I was supposed to go on a Mediterranean cruise a year or two ago, but the family members planning it bailed, so we still haven't been there. It sounds so wonderful. I bet I would do a lot of writing on the cruise! (Yeah, I'm the kind of loser who sits on deck and writes instead of partying.)

7) Your idea of a fun night:

A) Visiting a haunted house.
B) Seeing a foreign film.
C) Going skating with a bunch of kids.
D) Staying at home watching movies.

All of the above! I'll stay at my haunted house to watch foreign movies with a bunch of kids! ;) I actually live in close proximity to a couple ghost towns, so I love visiting haunted houses. Even if I never seem to catch a glimpse of anything, the houses are pretty spooky. There's nothing like visiting old schools that half-burned down to give me chills!

8) Spooky location you would love to spend a night at?

I've always wanted to spend the night at the Winchester Mystery House! Ever since reading about it as a kid, I've been fascinated with the doors that go nowhere, the stairs that go straight into walls, and other bizarre architectural features there. Even though I don't think it's supposed to be haunted, it's a physical representation of one woman's madness and obsession, which is freaky as all heck. 
Thanks for letting me visit, Tiffany!
Death's Hand (Descent, #1)
(This is not a YA book)

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