Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Woot Woot Nichole Chase!!!

My good friend Nichole Chase and I decided it would be a wild kooky idea to do each other’s blogs on the same exact day. We thought it would be crazy cool since both our books will be released on the same day (eeeek). We each came up with five questions and traded them with each other, so we would have 10 questions in all. For those that don’t know who Nichole Chase is; she is the talented author of the much talked about book Mortal Obligation. Her second book in the series Mortal Defiance will be coming out on December 15th and is highly anticipated!! If you haven’t added Mortal Obligation to your TBR list you need to NOW (Hehehe was that a little too bossy????). Soooo, without further delay here is Nichole’s fabulous interview (and just so you know her answers are way cooler than the ones I did on her blog) J

If your life was a movie, what would be your theme song? And who would play you in the movie?
 Shake it out by Florence + The Machine, no doubt. I love that song! It’s a feel good song, that leaves you wanting to dance and get over your issues. As for who should play me? Hm. It needs to be someone goofy, that can dance around the house with their toddler, and then sit up until 3 a.m. to write a book. I always pictured Sandra Bullock. But, maybe Zoey Deschanel. After watching her in the New Girl, I think she might be able to manage my zaniness! 
I think that our choices in cartoons affect who we are when we grow up ;) What was your favorite as a child?
Gah! So many to choose from! Duck Tales, Gummibears (Seriously, both of those theme songs ran through my head while typing that), SheRa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But, I think it’s safe to say that I loved Rainbow Bright the most. I always had a thing for a cartoon where the girl was the one kicking butt and taking names! ;)
If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only choose one fictional character to keep you company, who would it be? (Make sure you mention what book or movie the character is from!)
 So, there are lots of characters that would make great island inmates. I’m going to totally sound like a superficial jerk, but I have to go with Thor. See, he could catch food, build shelter, do all sorts of things with that hammer of his, and the best part would be the hours of entertainment of watching him run around half dressed. See, I’m covering my basis here. Food, shelter, and entertainment. What else does a girl really need?
What is your dream vacation?
I love to travel. Even car trips to the next state are fun for me! But, my dream vacation is a month in Ireland. I want to stay in adorable little cottages, castles, and B&B’s all while visiting some of the most beautiful scenery and meeting lovely people. Okay, so I might be idealizing it a little, but I really want to go. I NEED to go. And I will. Eventually.
In light of the holiday season, what is your big, selfish Christmas wish? (We all want world peace and for everyone to be well fed! At least, I hope we all want that!!!!)
To win the lottery! Ha! Maybe I should buy a ticket. Can’t win if I don’t…
If  you had to eat the same meal for an entire month what would it be?
 Homemade burritos. Honestly, it would take at least a week and a half before I got tired of them.
If you had to pick your weapon of choice to deal with zombies, what would it be?
  A really sharp shovel. It has reach and something pointy at the end. But to be honest, I would  rather have   a gun and carry the shovel on my back like a sword.
If you had to cover a distance of 26.2 miles, would you rather run backwards, skate blindfolded,   ride a tricycle or cover the distance in Fred Flintstone’s car?
I don’t think I would fit on a tricycle, and Fred’s car looks heavy. I would skate, but being blindfolded just seems dangerous. So, I guess that I would run backwards and look over my shoulder the whole way!
What scares you most spiders, snakes, big animals or people with bad breath?
Spiders don’t really scare me. As long as I can see it, then we’re good. For the same reason snakes don’t really scare me. Big animals don’t really frighten me either. I mean, if I was staring down an angry grizzly bear, that would be scary, but just being around them? Not so much. However, bad breath? Terrifying! You can’t do anything about it without hurting their feelings, and I hate that!
Have you ever peeked at your Christmas presents early? When and how often?
When I was very, very, very little, I hunted down my Birthday and Christmas presents. Once I was old enough to realize that doing that killed the fun and surprise I stopped doing it. Now, I hate it when I guess my present. I like being surprised!

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  1. awesome answers for you too! loved Rainbow Brite as a kid. And good choice picking Thor. these interviews were fun!

  2. Nicole! Nicole! Nicole!

    A shovel?

    I want Harry's wand. Avada kedavra! Stupify! and the Patronus charm. Ignore my hubby who is screaming ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! at the top of his lungs.

  3. Great post guys! I love Florence + The Machine, that song makes my life a bit easier to breathe on icky days. :)

  4. I love it! But a really sharp SHOVEL???