Friday, March 16, 2012

Aengus, the Irish God of Love, is searching for the girl of his dreams. Literally. For over a year, he and his family have scoured Ireland far and wide. Desperate to find her before his enemies do, he decides to seek the help of the Seven Leprechauns. But will they help him find his maiden or fill his head with riddles and lies?

Find out on St. Patrick’s Day when you meet the Seven Leprechauns and enter to

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Contest will run from 12:00am EST to 11:59PM EST, March 17th, 2012.
*Open to all US addresses where Amazon Prime ships and to Canadian residents

What do you need to do? On March 17th:

1. Visit each of the fantastic participating authors listed below to meet their Leprechaun and collect the purple letter.
2. Collect all the letters
3. Fill in the blanks to answer the secret question (you'll find out what it is on March 17th)
4. Enter your answer into the entry form for the kindle, available on every author's stop
5. Earn extra entries through various ways (to be revealed with the entry form)

Who are the participating authors?

I’m Narvla and though I may be a Noble Princess, I’d rather spend my days defending those that have come to rely on me. I would love to lead you to the one you think your heart yearns for but feel you would be much happier wrapped in my never-ending embrace.
Never you mind, continue your search Aengus and remember not to be naughty as you continue your journey and always remember, near or far, noble or not, Narvla could have been the name you whispered every night from now to eternity.

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  1. Hahahahahaha! Tiff! You little minx!!! How fun!!!! Aengus is a fool to turn her down. lol Well done!

  2. I love all these posts! What a fun event. I agree with Angeline, he is a fool. Should have just stayed. :)

  3. Love the posts,not enterin' just hoppin'.Sorry Aengus didn't stay.