Monday, April 9, 2012

My First Week of Being A Full-Time Writer :)

My first week of being a full-time writer. It's hard to believe the changes my life have taken in just over a year. It's been a long journey with so many phenomenal people helping me along the way.
Being a writer is a solitary job and yet it takes the work of many to help you navigate your way. To these following individuals, I will forever be grateful:
My fellow authors, whom I consider to be treasured friends. You have shaped me into the writer I am now. Your support makes me thankful each and everyday.
The fabulous book bloggers that helped me spread the word about my books in a way I never thought possible.
The talented Hollie West who showcases her wonderful editing skills with each of my novels.
Sharon Rosen and her spectacular site Pixel of Ink. I cannot thank you enough for the generosity you have shown me and others this past year.
Stephanie Mooney for seeing my vision with the Saving Angels Series and giving me covers I love.
Abby Blom for capturing the essence of Wishing For Someday Soon with the snap of a picture.
Hey Its Fishy for keeping my blog in order and always making it look wonderful.
Brittany King that provided the first cover for Meant to Be that I will always love.
My wonderful family for every single thing you do to make my books come to life.
And finally to all my readers, without you I would not be celebrating my first day as a full-time author. Your support means more to me than I would ever be able to express.


  1. YAY!! I hope you love it!! I mean being full time ::) I know you love writing your books as it shows in your wonderful novels!! Congrats and looking forward to more amazing work from you!!

  2. Aww,honey darlin',I'm so happy for ya! So lookin' forward to more Awesomeness from ya in your wonderful words!! Hope you enjoy bein' a fuul time writer! xoxoxo

  3. First of all...congrats on going full time! Second I am so happy you love it! You need to love your job...otherwise life would suck :/. And I know I am being greedy...but I know a bunch of us are excited that you are full time now because that means we get more awesome books by you ;D

  4. Congrats and the best of luck......

    I am a first time writer and the journey is, well, a long and happy one!!!

    I am also following your blog, follow me at

    Nice to connect...

  5. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Congrats Tiff! Good luck too.