Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Time for The Newly Together Game!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy to be included in the blog tour for the fantastic book My Soul To Keep by the uber-cool Sean Hayden. Being the blog rebel I am, I thought it would be fun to do something different. That is why, I conned Sean and his lovely girl Jen Wylie to partake in my version of the Newly Wed Game (Hint hint LOL). Sooooo anyhoo, I sent Jen questions to answer, to see how well she knew her man and I have to say she did really good. I’ll be doing this segment in two parts, so make sure you come back in June to see how well Sean knows his lady.
First order of business though, is Sean's super cool book My Soul To Keep. If you haven't read it yet you are missing out!!!!! I enjoyed this book a lot even though the ending left me wanting the next book NOW.

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Now for the fun stuff. It’s time for The Newly Together Game…….Today’s guest are Sean Hayden and Jen Wylie!!!!!!!

      ·         What’s his biggest pet peeve about the opposite sex?

·         (Jen) That we don’t say exactly what we mean (guys don’t get subtle hints)

·         (Sean) “Would you hold my purse?”

·         (Me) I don’t see anything wrong with purse holding ;)

·         His idea of a romantic date?

·         (Jen) Getting dressed up and a nice dinner and a long walk on the beach.

·         (Sean) To me, a romantic date isn’t about where it is, what you eat, or what you do. It’s about who you’re with, what you say, and involves a whole bunch of smiling and acting silly.

·         (Me) I hate to admit it but either Sean is sucking up or he's a keeper.

·         Would he rather read a 600 page complicated manual on oven cleaning or a teenage book about sparkly vampires?

·         (Jen) Neither, but if I had to choose then the Oven manual.

·         (Sean) The oven manual as long as it has a happy ending. Might even stick my head in there when I’m done, rather than read the sparkly vampire book.

·         (Me) LOL you would have to know Sean to understand his envy of sparkly vampires hehehe.

·         Would he rather be a poor vampire that lives forever or a billionaire with a normal life span?

·         (Jen) Poor vampire! I’m sure he’d figure out a way to take over the world…

·         (Sean) Poor vampire. I have this thing about living forever.

·         (Me) Ummm yep that sounds like the Sean I know J

·         Does he act like a dragon slayer or a zombie killer?

·         (Jen) Dragon slayer, I think it’s the hair. Plus, you should see his swords! ~drool~

·         (Sean) Dragon slayer definitely. Zombies splatter and are too easy to kill.

·         (Me) Um okay, since this is a PG blog, I won’t comment on Jen's answer at allllllll.

·         Which would he prefer doing pulling weeds outside or scrubbing toilets inside?

·         (Jen) Pulling weeds, though I’m sure he’d do the toilets if he had too. Strangely I don’t mind cleaning toilets so that works out.

·         (Sean) Pulling weeds outside. Toilets are gross.

·         Who would he say he’s most like mastermind genius, magician extraordinaire, ladies man or creepy stalker dude?

·         (Jen) Mastermind genius of course, that one’s easy.  You just have to read his world domination blog posts to know that! J

·         (Sean) Mastermind genius with plots of world domination.

·         (Me) Yep, world domination sounds about right when it comes to Sean J

·         If he could take a trunk of food to take to a deserted island with him would be filled with sweets or vegetables?

·         (Jen) Sweets. Though he doesn’t mind vegetables. He would probably use the excuse sweets would last longer and not rot.

·         (Sean) Sweets. Vegetables rot too quickly.

·         (Me) LOL, I’m beginning to think either they cheated and copied answers or they would’ve rocked the real Newly Wed Game.

·         Which would he prefer; dinner at home with only a box of Mac & cheese, visiting a haunted house with a bunch of obnoxious teenagers, spending a day at the beach with a bus load of senior citizens in Speedos  or a day at a crowded theme park surrounded by screaming kids?

·         (Jen) Mac and Cheese. Though he might not mind the haunted house- he’d enjoy scaring the teens.

·         (Sean) Dinner at home with a box of Mac & Cheese. I love that stuff. The kind with the powdered cheese. NUMMMMMMMM. Did you know they call it “KRAFT DINNER” in Canada? Found that out :D
·         (Me) LOL come on Sean admit it, you enjoy going to the beach with seniors ;)
·         What would he say is his favorite thing about you?

·         (Jen) This type of question is so hard! (It’d be easier to do least favorite thing LOL) Let’s go with we’re best friends and have almost everything in common.

·         (Sean) I could cheat and say everything and it would be an honest answer, but I know you’re looking for specifics. I’m going to say her sweetness. Jen is the most incredibly sweet person I’ve ever met in my life. It makes me feel good just to be around her. It’s damn near impossible to be in a bad mood when she’s near you.

·         (Me) Well nuts, just when I think it’d be a bad thing for Sean to take over the world he throws out an answer like that.

I hope all of you enjoyed my version of TNG today!!! Leave a comment below on your favorite answer and you will get a chance to win the Kindle copy of Sean’s book My Soul to Keep and Jen’s book Sweet Light that I'm giving away.



  1. Before anyone asks...No we didn't cheat. Wylie wanted to, but I said, "NO."

  2. You're so troublesome! They know that isn't true :P

    I will admit the closeness of our answers is almost freaky--especially about the veggies LOL

    Thanks so much for having us today Tiff!! ~hugs and rainbows~

  3. This was a fun post to read! The questions were great, and the answers were even better. It's a little scary how we they know each other...maybe they are really one person..spooky. Lol.

    I especially liked the oven manual vs. Twilight. I might pull a Sylvia Plath as well ;)

    1. Hey Rob! Thanks for stopping by! No... not one person... if we were.. ya that would be one interesting individual LOL

  4. Fun blog post, funnier answers and great way to introduce more people to Jen and Sean. Both are incredible writers and I feel very lucky to count them as friends.

    1. Aww thanmks Angie! And thanks so much for stopping by! :D

  5. LOL I think Jen did a great job. We will have to see how well Sean does next month :)