Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's August, it's summer, it's hot... but how much hotter would it get if you were stranded on a deserted island with nothing but some swoon-worthy fictional characters to help you survive? Come visit the blogs below from August 13th to August 17th to collect items from a group of true hotties. Then enter your 'gifts' into the entry form for your chance to win a fantabulous grand prize - a Kindle and a pile of books to load onto it!

Now... we can't promise you this group will have the most traditional of survival gear for you. In fact, we can't promise you that you have a hope in Hell of surviving this ordeal. But we can promise... we can promise.. sorry, distracted by the twelve hot guys, waiting...

The Rules:

    Visit each blog beginning August 13th, 2012 at 12:01am EST
    Collect the 'gifts' from your favorite fictional hotties
    Complete the entry form, listing each 'gift' you picked up
    Cross your fingers! (Giveaway open for U.S and Canada only.)

The Stops:

The Grand Prize:
1 Kindle - Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
ecopies of:
Anathema, and Asylum (Causal Enchantment #1 & 2) ~K.A.Tucker
Dante's Girl ~ Courtney Cole
The Wild Ones ~ M.Leighton
Stained and Here ~ Ella James
Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) ~ Laura Elliott
The One ~Heather Self
The Childe & Dark Days ~ C.A.Kunz
Forever Changed ~ Tiffany King
Awaken & Echo of an Earth Angel ~ Sarah M. Ross
Inescapable ~ Amy Bartol
Audiobook of 13 on Halloween (Shadow Series #1) ~ Laura Elliott
Make sure to visit us beginning Monday, August 13th to make some new fictional boyfriends, meet some new authors, have some fun, and possibly win a fantastic prize! You'll find the entry form and posts at that time, plus any additional information on the scavenger hunt & giveaway

If you're in the Atlanta area on September 1st-2nd and want to meet these fantastic authors, come visit them at the Decatur Book Festival!

Sounds fun right???? So I decided I would let Mason from Unlikely Allies share a scene between him and the main character Kimberly. I hope you enjoy it ;)

 Unlikely Allies:

All right. Mason, why dont we let you give an example? Rick asked.

Sure thing, Mason answered, sauntering over to where Rick stood.

Kimberly, why dont you come up and help him, Rick said, jotting something down on his clipboard.

Mason looked at me sardonically as I sat there for a second, trying to figure out the most tactful way to protest, other than to just shout out, Hell no! I would rather crawl through a pile of broken glass than play doctor with that jerk, but Rick stood there, staring at me with a hopeful look on his face, so I had to suck it up. Besides, when our eyes met, I could see that Mason expected me to chicken out and I definitely wasnt going to give him that satisfaction.

Every swear word I knew ran through my head as I grudgingly stood up. This was no big deal. Id been kissed before. I could get through this and prove to Mason who was the adult here, and who was the creep.

Okay, good, Rick said, thankfully. Kimmie, we'll have you be the victim so you can see Mason go through the motions first, and then you can go next, Rick added like it was no big deal.

Fine, I said, glaring at Mason as he smirked at me.

As I lay there on the rough bench, wishing more than ever that I was back home at the beach, I could feel everyones eyes on focused on me.

It might be hard to pretend you cant breathe with all the air in your head, Mason quietly mocked for my ears only as he leaned over me.

I fought the urge to smack him in his nose. I figured it wouldnt win me any brownie points to bloody Ricks star pupils nose in front of everyone.

Enjoy the moment pretty boy, Im sure this is the most action youve gotten in awhile, I added, lacing my voice with sweetness.

His eyes narrowed and I couldnt help smiling in satisfaction.

Everything changed when he moved into position over me. My smile quickly disappeared and I felt a tingle as my body reacted to being so close to him. I was expecting to be disgusted, considering he blatantly thought so little of me, but I found myself lost in his blue eyes as they focused on mine. I continued my gaze down his face and settled on his lips, anticipating how they would feel on mine. I could hear Rick going over the procedures again, but his voice seemed to trail off in the distance as Mason placed his hands between my ribs. My pulse quickened at his touch and my confusion-laced eyes met his. What was happening here? I hated him and yet, I never wanted the heat of his hands to leave me. Using the techniques Rick had given us, he pushed on my torso three times before moving up to pinch my nose closed. I was surprised at his gentle touch and couldnt stop my body from tensing as his lips moved closer to mine. I nervously moistened my lips with my tongue and watched as his eyes followed, focusing on my mouth. He was a breath away and I parted my lips, ready to know if his were as soft as they looked.

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