Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Wild Ones baby!!!!!

Living in Florida, my summer has of course been HOT, with a capital H and my lovely friend M. Leighton, didn't make it any cooler *wink wink. Her newest book The Wild Ones, upped the notch on the thermostat in my house several degrees this summer. To say I liked this book would be the biggest understatement ever, I FREAKING LOVED IT. I loved the story line and the characters but most of all, I loved how Ms. Leighton was able to drag me into the story. I stayed up all night to finish this steamy, lovely, downright amazing book and feel its only fair game to do the same to you!!! Soooooo leave #IWantAHotSummer in the comments below and you could win the Kindle copy I'm giving away to one lucky winner!!!

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